2 Clever Cooks

Allergy-free recipes for everyone.

Dana & Erin

Dana Meroniuk - Dana is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for great food. Inspired by cookbooks, TV shows, and the occasional cooking class, she has been creating gourmet meals for years. After being diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she turned to Erin for advice. A friendly competition soon developed, as the two tried to impress each other with allergy-free recipes. That competition led to the writing of their first book. Dana lives in Calgary with her husband Lee and son Ben.

Erin Paulson - Great food is a way of life for Erin. Being raised on her family's organic farm, Erin's knowledge and appreciation of food developed at an early age. Several food allergies gave her the incentive to experiment with recipes from the age of 12. She and husband Matt co-own a grocery store, Blush Lane Organic Market. Erin lives in Calgary with her husband Matt and sons Olin, Tao, and Tred.