more people friendly food more people friendly food cauliflower "cheese" soup with Dijon croutons and bacon We are big fans of Daiya "cheese" shreds. The cheddar works perfectly in this soup. 184440745 sweet potato salad with raisins We like this best served warm or at room temperature. 184442693 pasta with beans and olives A healthy vegetarian meal that is quick to prepare. 184440746 mushroom potato rösti A Swiss classic. This is like a giant potato pancake with a crispy crust. We broil the top rather than attempting to flip it to make it easier. 184440748 macaroni and cheese Ok, this is one of those classics that we were sad to forego until we found Daiya cheese shreds. We normally don?t like to rely on processed ingredients, but this is one that we treat ourselves with occasionally. 184440752 puréed cauliflower and minted pea purée This is a healthier option instead of mashed potatoes. Goes nicely with the minted peas recipe. 184442316 super food antioxidant truffle bars These pack a powerful punch of super foods while tasting amazing. They are easy to make so we always have some in the fridge. 184440742 raspberry newtons These are such fantastic cookies - soft and yummy. 184440743 blueberry almond fluffy pancakes A classic that won?t leave you feeling bloated. 184440744 chocolate tart with salted caramel This is a decadent dessert that is great served with coffee or tea--definite favorite of ours. 184440747 spice cake with coconut berry icing We love a good spice cake and came up with a different twist for icing it. 184440750