people friendly food people friendly food Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk This is so simple, but amazing. The fried shallots make it spectacular, but you could use caramelized onions instead. 78872450 Tropical Chicken Salad This makes about double the dressing you need for the salad, so make it again within the next couple of days, or just use the dressing on lettuce. The dressing is fabulous! 78870461 Herbed Potato Salad with Olives and Green Beans This is best served warm or at room temperature. It's a great picnic salad as there's no mayonnaise that can spoil. This has quite a strong vinegar flavour when you first make it, so you may want to play with the olive oil to vinegar ratio if you prefer things less tangy. There are also a lot of olives to pit, so you may want to buy them already pitted to save on preparation time. 78870467 Beets with Dill We like this best served warm or at room temperature. 78729452 Asparagus with Garlic Bread Crumbs This is quick and yummy. 78871954 Lettuce Wraps Delicious, crunchy little bundles. You can also just slice up the lettuce and serve everything over top like a salad if you want a less messy eating experience. 78870466 Crispy Chicken Strips These are one of our personal favourites. These can be made with Romano cheese (if you can eat sheep's milk cheese), or with garlic and herbs if you can't have any dairy. Either way, they're delicious. 78871953 Smokey Cranberry Wings This is one of our favourites. It works well with pork as well; chops or ribs. You can also grill the wings first; then pour the sauce over and bake to finish. 78870463 Chicken with Passion Fruit and Mango Sauce This is delicious, and a great meal to make for company. It's really not difficult at all, but is very impressive. Make sure you use passion fruit juice; it really is a fabulous flavour. We've tried it with other juice mixes and it's just not the same. 78870468 Finally Fantastic Bread The best gluten-free bread we've ever tasted - way better than any of the store-bought versions. It's worth buying a bread machine for. 78870462 Chocolate Truffle Filled Coconut Tarts We love the chocolate-coconut combination. These are quick and delicious. 78020752 Thimble Cookies This was a classic back in our Moms' (and Grandmas') day. They are still delicious today. These freeze well, without the jam. 78020748 Ginger cookies 78870458 Ginger Cookies Super gingery with that great sugar crunch! 78870459 Coconut "Cheesecake" with Berry Sauce This is not like your typical dense cheesecake - it's much lighter. Use whichever berries you like best, or try it with mangos for a more tropical taste. 78871952 Pear Tarte Tatin The finished product before flipping onto the plate 78870464 Pear Tarte Tatin This is a simple, yet elegant dessert. Try sprinkling with a little cinnamon before serving. 78870465